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June 3, 2016
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SLU BlueOne aspect of any brand that can be instantly recognizable and noticeable is color. Colors help define a mood and give a sense of character and personality to a brand. The primary color palette is directly derived from our past. The palette has been consolidated and is now a staple for our future.

SLU Blue

Blue is seen as a dependable, trustworthy and strong color. Our primary color has always been blue and will continue to be. It incorporates our university's values of openness, leadership, confidence and boldness. The blue also embodies the two rivers that form the landscape of St. Louis.

Iris White and College Church Gray

Iris White and College Church Gray are neutral colors. They complement both SLU Blue and secondary color palette, and work well in all settings.

The secondary colors are bright and bold, showcasing the youthful and vibrant side of SLU. These colors are to be used sparingly and should never replace the primary color palatte.

Color palette

They are intended to add breadth and depth to SLU's overall look and feel. The color palette has been carefully selected to complement the other brand colors and to create a cohesive family that allows for a range of creative possibilities for the University masterbrand. Use of these elements in communications will help create and maintain a consistent look and feel for SLU's collective key audiences. Communicators are not required to use these colors, but please consider their use.

Typography is an easy way to maintain brand presence and create a consistent visual identity throughout all platforms. The Saint Louis University identity system relies on two typefaces, Crimson Text and Brandon Grotesque. Both typefaces should be utilized where possible, including printed materials, promotional materials, stationery, and signage. The correct weight of each typeface should be carefully considered for each application to ensure maximum legibility.

Crimson Text

Crimson Text is a traditional-style typeface, drawing from our past and traditions. It is an extremely legible and versatile typeface. Crimson should be used primarily as body copy. To enable flexibility within the typography applications, three weights of Crimson are available for use: Roman, Semibold and Bold. Crimson Text is a Google font and therefore, it is free and accessible for all mediums (digital and print).

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque is a strong, bold and contemporary typeface. Its confident characters reinforce and complement the SLU brand message. Brandon Grotesque can be read easily from a great distance. It is SLU's headline font and therefore should be used primarily in its bold weight and in all caps. Brandon Grotesque can be purchased at or for web through

Veils&Vows - Spring 2104 Color Palette
Veils&Vows - Spring 2104 Color Palette
web-based tool for creating color palettes for use with
web-based tool for creating color palettes for use with ...
さよなら、夏。- Palette color (photo by Suwanoike)
さよなら、夏。- Palette color (photo by Suwanoike)
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