Computer generated imagery in film

July 29, 2015

Why are CGI-animated films so costly?

A regular CGI film a-la Pixar- costs an equivalent amount to a live action movie, hundreds of millions of dollars most likely. Budget on a live action shoot goes on physical areas, sets, props, explosions, stunts, etc. But with a CGI motion picture it’s a different story.

When a lot of individuals think of CGI (computer generated imagery), they conclude of a motion picture with unique effects or flying company logos. But CGI animation, in addition, can be applied to imagine complex concepts that would be complicated to explain in any other way.

CGI-animated films CGI is also a beneficial method to develop very excellent photo-realistic images. CGI bids do essentially with numbers, what a camera does with light. In making these multimedia atmospheres, we generate and place models, cameras and lights in a very similar way you would in a real studio. But we can do some extraordinary things that would be difficult in reality. Our world is interminable by gravity or other physical restrictions. With such flexible options, imagination and creativity become very essential.

The transformation of this field of graphic design didn’t occur over a very long period, but instead over a couple of decades. In fact, the fast progression of computer processing power is mainly what served as an agitator for the outbreak of CGI animation.

With the arrival and accessibility of new technology, often people erroneously believe that because they have the modern tools to do the job, they also have the proficiency to complete the demands of the project. These kinds of programs demand talent as well as technical know-how in order to create the desired effect. Computer animation is no different.

Any kind of graphics project is time-consuming and demands more abilities than people often comprehend.

So where does all the expense go?

Animation is much more time consuming than a live action shoot. Which is why it often tends to be saved for things that are difficult or very hard in real life (living toys, robots in space, blowing up really, really big things, etc.)

Talent is a BIG money sucker. Voice talents. Don’t undervalue an A-lister’s salary if you are planning to work with one. At any rate, the team for a CGI movie easily runs way over 200 people, that’s a $20M+ annual budget on mostly geeks pecking on keyboards. “Nerds” work way too hard, and in very long hours, doing difficult things that entails CS, color theory, lighting design, fluid and hair simulation, crowd simulations, 3D modeling, and other things you can imagine and mostly making it all look convincing to not only to its audience, but to their bosses. That kind of know-how doesn’t come inexpensive.

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